Branding design of the florist-Expressing and delivering my heart and becoming joyful with flowers
The business name is GLAD. GLAD has a inherent meaning of happy,pleased, and delighted. There is a desire to get love and joy from the first letters of ‘Get Love And Delight’. The overall concept of the design emphasizes the soft feel. Because of this, the design is for a soft concept, from logos, typography and color design to actual production.
The flower used for the shoot is dry flowers. In order to express unwavering love and joy, dry flowers were used instead of natural flowers.

The logo was produced, inspired by baby’s breath(Gypsophila). Baby’s breath is a blossoming bloom, with a large number of twigs twisted and a white flower like a snowflake at its end. Inspired by the blooms of baby’s breath glowing like stars like, which look very ordinary and insignificant compared to other flowers, I have designed the logo with the imagery of stars and petals.

Branding design of the florist-GLAD
For the shooting, I rented a natural and soft studio. The shooting was taken with natural light. The actual production is business card stickers and tapes.
The flowers used for the shooting are dry flowers.

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