The portfolio is about candle branding. The business name is “petitcomo”. petitcomo is a french word meaning “small child”.
The logo is the same of brand name : Candle is compared to a young child, and it is made to look like a young child holding a flame.
I designed the whole concept to suit the candle brand image, from color design to actual creations, to fit the feeling of calm and simple.

I made business cards and stickers for candles and boxes. 
I used candles bought the market and made stickers after the precise size altar.

I borrowed a studio for the candle branding shoot and took it with natural light. 
The props except for candles were used modern designs in filming,

One of the most important parts of the overall design is to understand the brand after seeing the complete version. 
So, the product and business card were also designed with such emphasis.
And my design ability is not limited to subjective design. 
I’m confident that I can produce the best results in a variety of formats to fit different needs.

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